For dyeing, we only use yarns from Uruguayan merino wool between 18.5 and 21 microns. Uruguayan wool is one of the highest quality wools in the world. It is characterized by a high degree of fineness. People perceive wool with a value of more than 25 microns as scratchy. The wool we use has a micron value of 18-21 microns. The fine and softness of this wool is similar to that of cashmere and alpaca wool.

Uruguayan wool is also recommended from an animal welfare and ecological point of view. In Uruguay, sheep are kept in much smaller herd groups than, for example, in Australia, the largest wool producer in the world. This creates less stress in the flock of the sheep The tally-hi method is used almost exclusively for shearing. This is more comfortable for the sheep The method of “mulesing” or “clip mulesing”, which is widespread in Australia and rejected under animal welfare law, is not used in Uruguay.

When purchasing the wool tops we use, we pay attention that they are OEKO-Tex and GOTS certified. These certifications ensure, among other things, that the sheep are not given any pesticide baths, that no dangerous chemicals are used in the processing of the wool, and that there is environmental pollution. In addition, animal welfare is ensured. Compliance with these requirements is ensured by independent monitoring. The yarns spun according to our specifications are then hand-dyed by us with vegetable or GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified colors