We manufacture high-quality articles made of wool in the range of home accessories, such as pillows and blankets, and in the range of clothing, such as scarves, ponchos, pullovers etc. All of our products are produced in a sustainable and fair manner. We use only the best raw materials and process them according to traditional craftsmanship on an antique Lervad loom, an older Glimakra, and a newer foldable loom, for this we only use wool from Uruguay.

Every pillow, every blanket and every piece of clothing created by us is a one-of-a-kind made with a lot of love for the material and the craftsmanship. The so-called “setting up” of the loom with the chain (these are the longitudinal threads) takes a lot of time and concentration. This is followed by weaving by hand. The woven products are then further processed by hand, which means that the threads are sewn by hand, the fabric may be carefully cut if it is to become a pillow and then processed further by hand with a sewing machine. Every fabric is unique and lives from the peculiarities of the people involved in every piece.