Why we don’t work with “superwashed” wool?

The sustainability of our wool is very important to De Menas, this is why we are focused on quality when selecting the raw tops: the raw tops are OEKO-Tex and GOTS certified. In the further processing it is important to us that the wool is NOT bleached and NOT treated with “superwash”.

The words “machine washable” or “felt-free” often appear on conventional woolen products. However, it almost always hides chemistry. Free of felt is achieved by silicones or synthetic resins.

In the first step, the outer layer and scratchy hairs are removed by using chlorine. Then the wool threads are covered with a layer of natural or artificial resin. Ultimately, due to the use of chlorine, this is an environmentally harmful treatment for the wool. Wool treated in this way appears softer than it actually is. But in the end you have silicones on your skin and not wool anymore.

At the same time, you lose valuable wool skills: absorbing moisture, regulating body temperature and neutralizing odors.

That’s why we do not realize the “superwash” treatment of our wool.